What is online-paid-advertising and things that you should know about it

What is Online Paid Advertising and things that you should know about it


online-paid-advertising and content marketing is one o the best ways to get traffic on your websites and convert those traffic into your leads and then your customers. it is essential that you learn all the concepts of online paid advertisement in depth and then step into the actual implementation of these strategies. I m here to explain the same.

Online paid advertising is a marketing channel which can give you amazing results but requires investments also , you should be very clear about the strategies and concepts that you are going implement during this . paid advertising is a channel of digital marketing which you do to drive traffic to your business platforms like websites, social media accounts , landing pages etc .

What is online-paid-advertising?

As you all know that in today’s world of huge technology and competition people are struggling to get their business and brand recognised. its important that you learn all the concepts in the perfect way . online paid advertising simply means purhasing the ads spots where you can promote your business in a better way.

we are do online paid advertising on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc. you usually promote your services by targeting a certain set of keywords that are related to your business or the product or services that you are promoting. It is necessary to do proper research on your land in the channel of paid advertising.

Things that every digital marketer should know about online-paid-advertising

As we all know that internet is at a huge height taking many other platforms like google and other social media account with itself, so if we are able to promote our business and products in the best possible ways on these platforms, I am sure that our businesses will be getting benefits of these too. learning these things will help you to understand online paid advertising in detail. there are few things that you should know before you start your online paid advertising strategies into actual implementation and certain criteria. these are as follows :

  1. bidding strategies
  2. formats of paid ads
  3. available ad networks
  4. head and long-tail keywords
  5. targeting
  6. landing pages

Now, let’s discuss these in detail :

Bidding strategies for online-paid-advertising:

This is what you are giving to the online platforms based on the action the visitors or your customers going to take on your paid advertisement’s it’s necessary for you to research the topics and the bidding strategies that are being applied by your competitors in the markets to come out of the box. there are two types of bidding strategies based on CPC & CPM. CPC is also known as Cost per click and CPM is also known as Cost per mile or cost per thousand. let’s check what does this mean in details :


CPC is a type of bidding strategy that requires the advertisers to pay to the online platforms only when a click takes place on the ads. the cost is based on the keywords that you target while setting up the ad campaigns. it’s important that you research the qualified keywords which can help you to get the maximum results out of the money that you are paying to the online platforms for advertisement. this is also referred to as cost per click.


CPM is a type of bidding strategy that requires the advertisers to pay on the online platforms when their ad completes one thousand impressions each. mile is a Latin word for a thousand words. CPM doesn’t guarantee you leads or any kind of conversion. it’s useful for getting traffic and getting a better brand awareness to your business or your brand, impression is the exact number of devices where your advertisement is going to displace. this is also known as cost per mile.

2. Formats of Paid ads :

there are different formats of paid ads. if we talk about google ads particularly, there are two types of ad formats like display and search ads. we can create both of these ad formats through google ads. now let’s check what do these concepts mean in details :

1. Search ads :

Search ads appear on the top results when someone is search for a particular keyword and your website is related to the same. these ads show up a ad block in the corner of each of them themselves showing that they are paid or sponsored. these ads are shown to all those people who have searched for a keyword which is being targeted by all the advertisers .

2. Display ads :

display ads are the ones which are promoted through some sort of media like images , or video, they appear in the ads spot in between the articles or spaces available on website. they are available at different shapes are sizes. these types of ads customizable and can be creative hence get maximum engagement and traffic exposure. they help brand awareness and website traffic a lot . People start recognizing you through the paid ads in display format that you are running .

3. Available ad networks:

There are various ad network through which you can promote your business in different formats . these are Google , Bing, yahoo and social media platform. online paid advertising always has to be done in the platforms which is dragging traffic in million and billion so that you are able to catch the attention of the right prospects for your business . now lets discuss about the available networks that are available for advertisments :

1. Google ads :

Google is the largest search engine platform through which you can drive a massive traffic to your platform to grow your business base. on this platform you can run both display and search ads and target your prospects with a help of keywords that your prospects are search for on monthly basic . the keywords used to target here are are generally on competitive basis . you can also run google ads on the the websites which are in partnership with google or registered to google AdSense and you can also run google ads on YouTube and other mobile application .

2. Bing Ads :

Although Bing platform is not as popular as google is , it still has a good following . you can do online-paid-advertising on Bing and yahoo and also get a good exposure for your business in a good price. if you want to learn about google and Bing ads you can join our digital marketing advance course where you will bale to learn these concepts in details.

3. Social media ads :

There so many well qualified social media platforms where you can promote your products and services with least competition and get maximum exposure. the display ads can take placement in many places like newsfeed, stories , explore pages and much more , let us look into this in detail :

1. Facebook ads :

facebook is first social media platform for advertisement and has a massive traffic and is completely capable of drive leads and customers to your business platforms. you can run native ads, banner ads, full-screen ads, in-stream video ads, and rewarded video ads on Facebook . retargeting and lookalike feature of Facebook ads makes it more enhancing . Instagram is under Facebook itself and still a very big sperate marketing platform.

2. LinkedIn ads :

this is a platform suitable for the ones who are looking for a people who more into IT sector. LinkedIn is a platform provided my Microsoft and hence has very good visibility and help you to reach accurate kind of people with whom you can collaborate and make business with. it has a separate ad manager which makes it easy for you to target people from a certain profession, company, category, interest or business in a particular country.

3. Twitter ads :

Twitter is almost similar to that of Instagram and Facebook. you can target people’s interest and manage your online reputation in a better way through twitter . the feature of tweets and trending hashtags are really awesome and that the reason why people love to hang out on twitter . its one of the best platforms for online-paid-advertising

4. Head and long-tail keywords for online-paid-advertising :

Choosing the right keywords for your visibility is the most important step in the complete online-paid-advertising method. its important to determine the best one with the suitable length and their competition . relevant keywords have a specific length and quality that defines its suitability for a particular paid ad.

people are tend to go for long tail keywords more as compared to the broad one now. for example if i say that i am search for best digital marketing institutes in Pune which is more relevant as compared to that of best digital marketing institute .

5. Targeting for online-paid-advertising:

Identifying the audience set that you are willing to target is the one of the most important steps that help you to reach your customer in online-paid-advertising. you need to be clear about the audiences that you are looking to target in terms of location, interest, behavior , age group, gender and other features.

for example if i say i am setting up facebook ad campaign for a restaurant i might target people from Pune city or particular foody people who are frequent in visiting restaurants near my place or local area. this helps to define my audience that i am looking for .

6. landing pages for online-paid-advertising:

Make sure you have an amazing landing page where you can drag your leads to show all the features of your business and give them a contact information form through which they contact without any hassle. add the best creatuve of your business and previous testimonials for your business that you can easily show them through landing pages. make your landing page easy to access and mobile friendly.

This creates a better impression in front of your visitors and helps them to know your more for your business and further communication. it also help in building a trust and credibility whether you are actually a legal and genuine entity or not .

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