Social media trends you need to add in 2021 that you should know

Social media trends you need to add in 2021

Social media trends you need to add in 2021
social media trends that you need to know in 2021

Social media today is one of the most important parts of our daily life especially for the marketers out there. platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are winning the hearts of billions of people and everyone is running after the popularity of these social media platforms. Social media trends help you in a great way to rank your website and bring more traffic.

last year, when TikTok was banned in India, Instagram launched a few features called reels, and soon it became more trending as compared to any other feature of Instagram. that’s the power of social media trends. from marketers to the graphics designer and influencers it’s important that they follow all the social media trends to bring growth and flow in their social media activity and start trending along with the trend going on.

it has become extremely important for social media marketers and social media influencers to keep on checking the social media trends and changing their social media strategies to keep on influencing people and fulfilling the need of the audience who are in the community.

1. Live streams for Social media trends :

With the covid crisis for the year dor 2020 and 2021, where all the offline ways of traditional marketing are closed businesses have no choice but to go digital, and for the business to do digital, it’s really important to promote and share their social proof through live streams. people nowadays cannot run their businesses through zoom conference calls and live meetings make it easy for business staff members to communicate and interact in a better way.

There was a natural growth seen for many other creators when they started using live streaming, especially on Facebook and Instagram. this helps you to show the realness in front of your customers. this feature of the live stream helping people to interact with each other without visiting the workplaces in the perfect way. hence this feature gained a lot of popularity soon in the covid crisis.

This has evolved a lot and thus increased the efficiency of digital marketing. according to the internet, 25% of marketers said that online business is impossible without live streaming. and thus live streaming is extremely important for all the business that is running with online platforms.

2. Stories for Social media trends :

Stories are a very popular feature of Instagram and that’s the reason it will not going to be off-trend so soon. stories are poping on the top o the feed of your content format. according to Instagram statistics, there are over 500+ million stories posted every day that’s all that shows the efficiency of stories features on Instagram.

Brands use this feature of stories to show their daily activities related to their business.

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  1. My favorite part of this entire post were your hilarious ads! I genuinely laughed out loud at the picture of you being sad and laughing etc. Simply side splitting! Seriously though, this is a great post — it’s so easy for people to get, almost dazed, by keywords that they lose sight of those pesky human beings reading our stuff. Writing for the bots is a huge trap that I think many people fall into, and I appreciate your reminder that, no, we’re not writing for Google, we’re writing for customers!

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