Social media marketing do's and don'ts that you should know

Do’s and don’ts of social media marketing

social media marketing

In today’s time, social media is very important for improve business advertising, sale, lead, traffic on the website. In social media do’s and don’ts are very important to improve the productivity of your platform.
In the present situation, social media marketing is not enough, you need to know how to use this wonderful platform and stay on top of the social media market. when used and managed properly, social media can help boost the brand awareness of your business.

Some following points for dos and don’ts of social media marketing:

Do’s :

1. Complete & update your social media pages and profile:

The first impression is most important for your client, the customer to impress her.
The social media profile and page need to update on regular basis. Take a few minutes to thoughtfully fill out all your profile information including name, contact number, and good quality profile photo.

2 Use attractive images & videos :

Just like the way you don’t publish text only, you need to upload attractive images & videos. To attract the customer. Making images is the perfect way to communicate in a fast-moving world. social media market posts with photos and video are a hundred times more likely to get engage with the customer.
3 Separate personal and business account :
When building a brand, it helps you to keep your personal and professional pages separate on the social media market.
All business-related post, do on the only business account
4 Post regularly :

You should always post something good about your product or company-related on the social media market.
1 don’t forget to includes to link:
In social media, you must need to include a company landing page, blog page, a contact to shop that will get your followers over to your website. Don’t forget to includes to link.
2 Don’t ask too much of your followers:
Dont’s asking too many of your social media followers to join or like my channel. this is so irritating for followers. If customers like your website, they will automatically like your page or follow your website.

If you keep telling your followers to follow me, you will soon see the bad consequences
3 Don’t ignore customer or followers review, comment, question:
In social media marketing followers or people who are commenting and asking questions or suggestions on social media should not be ignored. We should not ignore it but reply to them by answering their question.

  4 Don’t share one message or post again and again:
             On the social media platform don’t share one post or message so many times, so your followers are very annoyed, so they don’t visit your website for next time. It is very boring for a customer. So there is always a need for new posts and messages.
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