How to Promote a Blog and why blogging is important ?

How to Promote a Blog and why is it important?

promote a blog
promote a blog

What is a Blog?

A blog is a directory of files and folders including Images, videos pictures, and articles. In simple ways, we can say that it’s a small website that shares people’s points of view about a certain topic. I am writing this blog post to help you promote your own blog easily.

After doing a lot of research and knowing about more and more things related to the topic of the blog on which you are going to write, you finally get amazing content that can be promoted through several ways which are available on social media and other online platforms.

We don’t need well-qualified and awesome content or expensive material to write and promote your blog. all you need is basic knowledge of the language in which you are going to write the blog and a laptop with a good internet connection! still worried? no worries now! We are here with a checklist of methods through which you can promote your blog without much hassle and do smart work. this blog is behaving of Krishnai digital academy and if you wish to learn digital marketing you can visit our website.

Why should we Promote a Blog?

  1. Helps you to maintain you marketing strategy and your marketing efforts in the market :

Promoting your product and services are extremely important in today’s busy world. if you blog daily, it helps you to keep your audience engaged with your blog and content continuously. it also helps you to represent your business and create brand awareness in the market. blogging and promotion also give an idea about your knowledge to your audience.

2. Helps you to promote and spread the word about your product and services :

This is one of the best ways to promote your blog and through your blog you promote your product and services in the best way. you will come to know about this once you share the blog undated to your social media account and drag referral traffic to your website.

3. Helps you to build a trust and credibility in the market :

Blogging is extremely important when you are trying to promote your products and services . it helps you to build a trust and credibility among the audience which you have by sharing a genuine content about your niche or your business .

Benefits to Promote a Blog

You might be thinking why should you look after the benefits when you only target is to promote it ! well even if you have an awesome plan your work is to identify which of the activities is useful while promoting your blog and which are not ! hence we are here to discuss some more benefits of promoting a blog before we come to the discussion about the ways to promote a blog. So the following are the few benefits that you can get by promoting a blog :

1.This helps you to manage your content in a better way :

you need to have the right plan and strategies to keep your content trending on the search engine . even if your website is live and the content is posting of daily basis , you should make sure that your content is perfect and helps you and your business to grow .

2. Helps you to come up in the market?

once your business is on air , how will people come to know about your business ? this is when your blog promotion comes into role. create an attractive social media profile where you can promote your blogs and then drag enormous traffic to your website and blog for lead generation.

What do we do to promote a blog?

Before you start promoting your blog, make sure you are completely ready to promote it. Google and other search engines do not rank all the blogs to the first rank. it always gives preference to the best quality content so make sure that you work on your blogs in the best possible way.

You can make a checklist of prepromotion activities for your prepromotion activities. it’s important that all the activities should be done in the best way before you promote your blog. you can add the following features to your pre-promotion checklist :

1. Write 25 headlines in a list:

Write down 25 headlines for your article that you are going to promote. you can make a list of headlines that you will be using to promote these articles on other platforms. You can also make use of online free tools such as an online headlines generator or even google about it.

2. Promote your blog article on social media multiple times:

try scheduling a few posts related to the blog article that you are willing to promote. You can create an attractive profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Twitter, and much more. you can also use buffer for scheduling your social media update posts

3. To reach out to people whom you have mentioned in your article:

you can mention a few platforms or people who have a well-known fan are and later inform them about this. you can also request them to share your social media content related to the article that you are going to promote. you can also use email marketing software like Mailchimp or Hubspot. if you are looking for email marketing templates, you can contact us o Instagram.

4. Include a tweet to click on your post:

you can mention your blog article on Twitter and also mention a link to your blog so the follower might become n part of the organic traffic of the article that you have written.

5. Add a post o Pinterest:

add a post on Pinterest and link it to your article with a help of a hyperlink. this will help you to redirect your Pinterest audience to your blog article. it becomes easy for you to promote your blog when you already are dragging an audience from multiple platforms.

6. Hiring a team:

promoting a blog can be a long task. you need to make sure all the things are in a perfect way, for which you might be looking for a team. you might need a content writer who can help in content writing or you might be looking for a graphic designer whom you might need to create my kind images ad graphics for your further promotion process. you might require all the people or freelancers who can help you to build a perfect strategy and plan for your blog promotion. promoting a blog is not an easy task and so a team I necessary.

7. Making creatives for your blog :

Creating new content is one more factor which can help you to rank your blog in a faster way . for this you might need a person who has a good knowledge of creating more of a visual content for your blog article . you can hire a person who might be a perfect professional in graphics and designing . you can check their photoshop skills or you can also learn canva designing .

8. Making high-quality content :

Research well before you plan to do a blog post. write down all the subtopics on which you’re going to writing a blog post. lookout for all the grammatical mistakes. you can take the help of the Grammarly extension which will help you identify all your mistake in grammar. this will help your visitors to spend more time on your blog.

9. Make your blog searchable :

update the search visibility of your blog and blog post pages. if you have don’t enable your search visibility, search visibility will never be able to recognize your content, which is very necessary for search engine optimization and drag organic traffic for your blog.

10. Make relationships with your visitors and readers promote a blog :

This can be useful if you are trying to get in touch with your readers and help them to know you better . they can turn into a retaining visitors for your blog . this also helps you to increase your shares and reduce your bounce rats of your website . you an connect with your readers through social media or even communicate with them through emails. there several email marketing software’s available that you use for free up to an extent .

Now lets discuss about the various ways through which can promote our blog easily . the following are the ways through we can do blog promotion :

  1. Recreate your online content.
  2. Building backlinks for your website.
  3. Track your campaigns
  4. Share your blog on social media
  5. Do Quora marketing
  6. Use Reddit for marketing
  7. Collaborate with influencers
  8. Do off-page SEO
  9. Perform Seo audit on equal intervals

Now following are explaination to the above points which will help you understand these points better :

1. Recreate your online Content to promote a blog:

You need to do this to attract your audiences and improve your impressions in front of your audiences. Recreating your content just needs a person to re-image the blog content is a different way that is already posted. You can convert your content into various formats to make it visually appealing.

for example, we can say that you can convert your content into some youtube video that is represented by some well-known YouTubers. you can take help of canvas to create some presentations or infographics for your blog .

2. Building backlinks for your website:

Build organic backlinks through various platforms. You can also do search engine optimization courses and learn the entre search engine optimization process, the more number of referring domains you have towards your website, the faster you will be able to rank your blog on social media platforms and search engines .

there are 3 types of search engine optimization methods thats on page optimization, off page optimizing and technical SEO . Building backlinks is an off page activity.

3. Track your campaigns

start tracking your campaigns performances through analytics tools and ads manager. you can run ads for Facebook or Instagram through creator studio . this will help you to get the maximum exposure on a certain ad campaign. for linked, Quora and other social media platforms there are inbuilt analytics page available where you can track and control your social media ads campaign.

4. Share your blog on social media to promote a blog :

always share your blog on social media, this will help you to redirect your social media audience to your blog and increase your organic and referral traffic coming from social media. of course, you need to invest some time to build your social media community and do hard work for this. consistency and loyalty with your niche people and followers is the biggest reasons through which you can get more visibility on social media.

5.Do Quora marketing

Create a Quora profile today and start answering people’s questions. you can also add a backlink and redirect your Quora audience and followers to your website blog article. the more backlinks you can create for your blog the more popular your article is going to be. this is one of the easiest and most effective ways through which you can rank and promote your blog with the least knowledge and effort.

6. Use Reddit for marketing to promote a blog :

Reddit is another platform where you can promote your blog like quora but just using subreddits. It’s a feature provided by Reddit where people are sharing about their own community and the content they share related to their community and niche industry. you can share your website content or your blog link along with your knowledge which creates excitement to read your blog in the Reddit community.

7. Collaborate with influencers

contact influencers through your email marketing skills and collaborate with them so they can promote your blog in front of their community and help you to increase and promote your blog in an easy manner. this will help you to communicate with maximum people and drag audiences from various platforms and locations.

8. Do off-page SEO to promote a blog :

off-page search engine optimization is a part of search engine optimization where you do activities outside your website in order o increase the search visibility and ranking of your blog. so far we have discussed only link building method for your blog article but apart from this, there are other methods too like image submission, pdf submissions, submission to local business directory, and much more. if you want to learn SEO you can visit here.

9. Perform SEO audit on equal intervals

After you have performed all the above activity there is still a need for you to determine and check whether you are doing search engine optimization activities effectively or not. this can be determined with the help of an SEO audit. SEO audit is a process where you try to determine what are you lagging in order to perform and make SEO effectiveness stronger. there are several tools available through which you can o your SEO audit for free.

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