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      Few days ago there was a news over the social media and other platform that facebook and instagram are going to ban . I am writing this blog to brief about the situation actually what haappened.  Social media in today’s world is very important. We are very much addicted to social media in our ways. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are various social media platforms that are very useful in day-to-day life.

         India has introduced policies for social media platforms on 25 Feb 2021.  The government had given them a time period till 26 may 2021 to accept new policies terms and if the terms are not used as per the policy given by the government then they will ban social media in India

Why it is social media getting banned?.

 Recently India has come up with new intermediary guidelines for social media platforms. These platforms have been are to follow the rules and guidelines. Like. This rule was declared in Feb 2021 and social media companies were given three months to comply. Now that the deadline has come to end on 25 May 2021) and none of the platforms has complied with the new policies. 

   Government asked the social media companies to remove any content which is flagged by the authorities and to appoint an officer in the country to set up a complaint redressal mechanism. So this can cause a social media ban in India for big companies.  

So this can cause a Social media ban in India for big companies.

A Twitter ban in India news:

Twitter is the most useful platform for celebrities, sportsperson, politicians, and other big guns of the community. Not just celebrities or others, government departments share news on Twitter using their social media handles. Local people are tweeting their problems on Twitter and re twitting the others.
 If Twitter shuts down in India, there will be huge sharing problems in social media platforms.

   As per the reports, even Twitter has not shown details related to the compliances to the new IT policies. Shortly, this can be a reason for the Twitter ban in India.

An Instagram ban in India 2021:

Instagram is also a great platform for social media sharing. Instagram is also owned by Facebook and Facebook and Instagram both of them have not accepted the rules of the government.

If they do not follow the rules of the government, they will have to shut down their platforms.

We can now hope that social media companies will accept the government’s rules. If anything caused a social media ban in India, it will hurt both the social and economical societies of the country. 

The Facebook ban in India:

   It is a crucial moment for social media companies because if they do not comply with the new rules, they will lose their status, and criminal action can be taken as per the rule of India.
  As per the news, only Facebook said it aims to comply with the new rules. Thus social media is on the verge of shutting down if they do not follow the rules given by the government.
In the end on time , all the social media platforms has agreed to all the terms and policies brought by indian government and that is how social media ban was prevented. 

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